Codominant Unions: One Reason to Prune Trees Early

A review of the growth and development of branches and branch unions, discuss how the control of the lateral buds by the terminal buds drives crown shape and prepares a tree for potential storm damage (or aargh topping). He will present research on whether there are differences in loading patterns between codominant branches and lateral branch unions.

Dr. Greg Dahl

Greg Dahle is an Associate Professor at West Virginia University where he teaches courses in urban forestry & arboriculture. Dr. Dahle’s arboricultural research seeks to understand how trees grow and survive environmental loads. He is the program coordinator for the WVU Sustainable Forest & Biomaterials program. Greg was a practicing arborist in California, working with municipal, commercial and utility clients and is an ISA Board‐Certified Master Arborist and Qualified Tree Risk Assessor.

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