Landscape Zombies

Tree and Shrub Myths that will not die Part 2

This is a two-part series titled “Landscape Zombies! Tree and shrub myths that will not die”. We all want the latest plant and soil scientific information to pass on to our clients or practice in our municipalities but how do you tell what’s science and what’s pseudoscience? Landscape professionals, in particular, can quickly lose their credibility (and business) when they end up promoting products and practices that aren’t based on reputable science. This two-part series will focus on landscape tree care and provide us with some guidelines for evaluating articles, books, and electronic resources objectively. For each myth busted, Dr. Chalker-Scott will discuss alternatives that are both practical and scientifically grounded.

Linda Chalker‐Scott, PhD

Linda Chalker‐Scott is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at Washington State University. Linda has developed a series of Horticultural Myths where she identifies the myth, presents the reality, and gives you a bottom‐line alternative. She has also developed a series of audio podcasts known as “The Informed Gardner” which are intended to educate and inform urban gardeners on a broad variety of topics—including addressing some misconceptions borne of “old wisdom” that can sometimes be more hearsay and conjecture than scientific fact. She has authored/co‐ authored many publications surrounding landscape management, environmental plant stress, Ultraviolet‐B research. She has received her PhD in Horticulture from Oregon State University and is an ISA certified arborist.

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